38.5 cm x 45.5 cm; watercolour on rice paper; 2016

Blog Post 8

Peony Diveristy and Pink Peonies explode in cheerful colours, don’t they? Oh, wow–I imagine them  printed on my silk scarves!

Have you tried painting the Pink Peonies? If so, then free style painting these multicoloured peonies will just be a wee bit different. See the more detailed tips on painting peonies in Pink Peonies below this entry.

Use as many colours as you wish. Here, aside from poster white and flower red, bring out also  the following colours: rattan yellow,  vermillion, carmine, and stone blue. Mix those colours in different proportions and you can paint  countless hues of peonies.

To paint a similar composition as in Peony Diversity,  load a large white brush with:

  • poster white, then dip its tip in flower red; or
  • rattan yellow, then dip its tip in vermillion; or
  • vermilion, then dip its tip in carmine; or
  • purple (mix stone blue and flower red).

Let your imagination run free for painting a garden of multicoloured peonies. If you wish, you can even include various shades of blue peonies.

Here’s another challenge: Paint your multicoloured peonies with a vase, a la Van Gogh. Here’s one I did, Radiant Peonies:


Keep painting. Imagine, plan, realise your imagination on rice paper, and be happy!


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