White Chrysanthemums


Acrylic on leatherette pencil case; front (left) and back sides; 27 cm x 15 cm

Blog Post 89

I painted White Chrysanthemums on my pencil case so I can easily identify it when ‘pack up’ time comes, ending painting workshops I attend.

I used five left-over artist-grade paints left on my palette: titanium white, lamp black, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, and burnt Sienna; i. e.:

-for the bamboo fence: a mix of burnt Sienna and lamp black;

-for the stems: a mix of lemon yellow, yellow ochre, and lamp black;

-for the leaves: a mix of lemon yellow and lamp black to make olive green;

-for the flowers: titanium white for petals; and lamp black for the outline of petals.

So don’t just leave left-over paints on your palette, especially artist-grade paints. Use them to personalize your things, like the painting I did on my pencil case.

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