Vid Madura (Vine Ripe)

Vid Madura

36 cm x 51 cm; watercolor on 140-lb Arches paper

Blog Post 95

This is the painting technique of Chinese painter Lian Quantizing Zhen–a mix of realism (for the focus) and impressionism (for the background images). I set aside this painting for a more urgent work which took several months to finish. Then I continued and finished it just lately.

I began this painting by determining where the focus should be–the fully ripe, purple bunch  hanging on the left side of the painting. Then I poured watercolor mixes on wet paper–yellow, green, and ochre on places for leaves; ochre on places for vines; and purple (mix of blue and red), blue and yellow on places where grapes should hang from the vines. I used my right index finger in forming bunches of grapes. Lastly, I finished the painting using a round, medium size sable branch.

Vid Madura 1

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